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Program_TM Academy
TM AI Cobot Beginner's Training


  • Get familiar with robot's motion

  • Robot startup and TCP setting

  • Create point and I/O control

  • Fixed Point Positioning

  • Barcode Scanning、OCR2、Inspect labeling quality

  • Screw Inspection with AI


  • Understand the functions of TM AI+ and its applications

TM AI_TM Academy
TM AI Cobot Maintenance Training


  • Disassembly of Control box and its precautions

  • Disassembly of Robot and its precautions

  • Calibration methods and its precautions

  • Deep dive in the common issues of robot failure


  • Hardware setup, Calibration

  • 3DVision Job editing

  • Understand TMflow editing

  • Understand different methods for FIND objects

  • Simulate and collision check in Tmstudio

3D Eye In / To Hand Training
TM Palletizing Operator Training


  • Understand the usage and hardware setup

  • Create palletizing project using TMstudio

  • Editing the TM Palletizing project on TMflow

  • Understand the advanced settings in original project

Elective Subject
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