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Our Academic Partners


Taichung Municipal Taichung Industrial Senior High School

「Taichung Intelligent Manufacturing Training Center」conducts cross-domain talent cultivation from point to point in terms of teacher training, industry-university integration, student study courses, national competitions, and automation professional certificates, and introduces modules and experience from the industry. The teaching site of the school cultivates cross-field system integration talents for the industry.


National Taiwan University

The Department of Mechanical Engineering of National Taiwan University purchased 7 sets of TM AI Cobot to build robot-specific classrooms. In 2022, PBL credit classes will be opened, which will be guided by students' ideas and projects, and will be close to the research spirit of National Taiwan University students.

In 2023, the course will be further evolved, and the integration of ROS system will be added to expand the direction of students' special research.


National Central University

National Central University, as the leader of the Ministry of Education's "Smart Manufacturing Cross-university Cross-domain Teaching Strategy Alliance Project", actively cooperates with the industry to promote the cultivation of smart manufacturing talents. Set up six TM AI Cobot with built-in vision and a workstation combined with PLC automation, and open the elective course "Special Research on Collaborative Robotics".

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