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TM Academy


TMAcademy service

Learning Map & Competency Design

​Develop robot & automation engineers’ competency standards according to the industry needs. Help schools to design the most suitable learning map for students

TMAcademy service

Training Course & Classroom Design

Help schools to design automation learning place, co- teaching by industry leaders, project-based program, seed- lecturers trained, according to the limited place and courses’ characteristic

TMAcademy service

Supplies national certification services included : practice training, exam place consultant. 


中正高中_江惠真 校長

「Thanks to the strong support and assistance of the Techman Robot Training Center, the students of Zhong-Zheng High School can acquire skills through AI courses.」

Taipei Municipal Zhong-zheng Senior High School

Chiang, Hui-chen Principal


「With the characteristics of intelligence and high integration, TM AI Cobot can be used in various industries from entry to advanced. Thanks to the Techman Robot Training Center for their dedication to the education sector, allowing all students in Taiwan to enter a new era of smart manufacturing!」

Taichung Municipal Taichung Industrial Senior High School, Director of TIMTC

Dai, Jia-Sheng

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